LOL Candle
LOL Candle
LOL Candle

LOL Candle

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These artsy candles are produced in rather old-fashioned way, carefully, slowly and individually. Each of the candle is hand crafted by the talented artisans of Bali! They shows that luxurious products rooted in the art of traditional crafts can be natural and eco-friendly while remaining indulgently sophisticated.


These candles are made in Bali workshop and are the only in Asia to have received UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts. They could have been machine produced however, these candles aim at promoting the art of traditional candle-making, using long-burning natural beeswax blends and fine fragrance oils!

+ ORIGIN: Bali, Indonesia  


Material: Natural beeswax blend

Dimensions:  8cm H x 3.5cm W x 16cm L (box: 11cm x 7cm x 20cm)

+ CARE: Handle with love and care! 

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