Flowers Notebook
Flowers Notebook
Flower Notebook Medium

Flower Notebook Medium

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This Notebook is real representative of "Art of papermaking". Created by dedicated Balinese women, each item from this collection is hand crafted from recycled papers of distinction. This unique Notebook with timeless beauty is a product that you will be proud to either use or give as a gift!  


Each folio of hand-made paper is made using 100% post-consumer recycled paper collected from schools, offices, hotels and homes around Bali. It is colored using natural dyes taken from the earth, roots and leaves, and is textured with plant fibers such as bamboo and flower petals. No chemicals, bleaches or unsustainable practices are used at any stage of the paper making process. This unique boutique business finds its inspiration in Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and learning.  

+ ORIGIN: Bali, Indonesia  


Material: recycled handcrafted papers and other natural, organic materials

Dimensions:  22 H x 3 W x 22 L cm

+ CARE: Handle with love and care!

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