Ikiko Products

    • Curated from South East Asia with love
    • Handmade, unique, indulgently sophisticated interior pieces
    • Products that have individuality and character 
    • Naturally produced using eco-friendly and recycled materials



  • For Ikiko Boutique we curate only finest pieces of arts & crafts, each one with its story, a purpose and a soul. Every piece, being unique & sophisticated, is handpicked by us during our travels through Asia.
  • All products are handmade with care by artisans whose crafts were passed from father to son for generations. Ikiko Boutique in this way supports local craftsmen and suppliers.
  • In Ikiko Boutique we believe in “buy less, buy better” mentality and thus we welcome those who are tired of having the same home décor as everybody else. Through our Boutique we want to help others to find products that match their personality, aren’t mass-produced, and are good for environment. Read about the story behind your favorite purchases and enjoy using it!


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