Our Story

We truly are an international family. In the past 12 years, we travelled over 50 countries and lived in 5! Moving from St Petersburg` s artic cold to Singapore`s tropical hot was one of the toughest of them all! This extensive mobility gave us the chance to live in the World’s most beautiful, cultural, inspiring and vibrant cities. Every place we lived in or have visited enriched us, added to our cultural values and widened our horizons of understanding and welcoming the differences. We bonded with hundreds of people from different countries and backgrounds, enjoying in each friendship and working on sustaining this network from New York to Melbourne. 

Along this journey with frequent travels and explorations, we came to fell in love with South East Asia, places such as island of Bali, Hanoi, Tioman, Gillis, to name a few. This is where we realized we can add value to other people’s life by giving them a chance to own a piece of fine art from these truly mystical and wonderful natural places. Ikiko Boutique was thus founded. And now, we can share with you unique and vintage pieces which are handpicked by us from local artisans

By doing so, we truly believe we contribute and support local craftsmanship while promoting their hand-made eco-friendly decorative objects.

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