Traditional Tribal Necklace
Traditional Tribal Necklace
Traditional Tribal Necklace

Traditional Tribal Necklace

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Such an exotic adornment! You will admire this unique, vintage necklace from villages of Sumatra, remote Island of Indonesia. She will stand powerfully in your home/office decor. Finely handcrafted, stunning piece that would no doubt impress in any set up!


This antique adornment, finely handmade from coconut, was worn on traditional wedding ceremony as status symbol and body adornment. It was collected in 1990s in villages of Sumatra. Did you know that Indonesians have been acquainted with jewelry and jewelry-making techniques since prehistoric times? While collecting this piece we also learned that Island of Sumatra has one of the oldest jewelry traditions in Indonesia where jewelry was of a special importance to establish identity and status. In wedding ceremonies women wore headdresses, forehead crowns, tiaras and elaborate hair ornaments as well as beautiful necklaces, like this one.

+ ORIGIN: This traditional jewelry is hand crafted by the local artisans of Sumatra and therefore, each piece is unique and rare


Material: Made from coconut (palm tree), comes together with a black metal stand

Dimensions: 42cm H x 26cm L  (including the stand)

+ CARE: Wipe with soft cloth. This is delicate product so handle with care.  

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