Boho Bali Bag
Boho Bali Bag
Boho Bali Bag

Boho Bali Bag

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Inspire your look with true tropic purse. She is natural and eco-friendly. She is bohemian and chick yet practical and easy to wear. She is must have as a finishing touch to your summer style!

“Own it. Wear it. Admire it.” 


Each bag tells unique story as it goes through the process of ancient hand weaving and slow drying over a fire made of coconut husks soaked in honey, to reach its final color. The resultant aroma is your assurance of authenticity, contrary to the fakes that don't have it. By carrying this unique basket purse you support and empower Balinese artisans. Each bag can take up to 4 weeks to complete.

Why favor Ata over Rattan? Firstly, Ata grass is grown only in Bali. It is actually a type of vine indigenous to the volcanic foothills of Bali, more specifically village of Teganan. Secondly, in its natural state Ata is much stronger than Rattan, and more rigid and structured than Straw. Hand weaving process by the skilled Balinese artisans makes for a highly durable work of art.

+ ORIGIN: Bali, Indonesia


Material: Ata Grass, with colorful inside lining, Leather straps and Leather button closure. Carry it with style either in hand or across the shoulder!

Dimensions:  20cm x 7.5 cm (diameter 20cm) // 7 3/4" x 2 7/8" (diameter 7 3/4"); Leather Strap drop: 55cm // 22"

Please Note: The appearance and the size may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the bag.

+ CARE: Wipe with damp cloth and allow to air dry. Store in a cotton bag.

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