Importance of environment & Using eco-friendly materials

As being both parents and world travelers we saw firsthand the damage inflicted on our beautiful nature by single-use plastics items and plastic items in general.
This guided us to set up Ikiko Boutique mission so to be part of the change that will help restore our environment!


Ikiko Boutique perceives importance of environment & using eco-friendly materials in contemporary world. Therefore through Ikiko Boutique collections we aim at raising awareness of the importance of 3Rs - reduce, reuse and recycle - in contemporary world. To reach this goal, Ikiko will work with suppliers who use natural materials and who recycle as much as possible while improving efficiency and sustainability. 

Raising awareness about environment is hot topic and some of the recent multilayer effort examples can be found on social media. Below is example of National Geographic Instagram feed supporting project #PlanetorPlastic:

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