Bali Island

If you wondered why Bali is Ikiko Boutiques's inspiration, the best described answer would be:

                    “It appears that each Balinese native, from the womb to the tomb is creative,”

rhymed Noel Coward in his irreverent 1932 ditty to Charlie Chaplin.

Bali is an island of incredible mystery, beauty, enchantment, culture, hospitality, variety, and serenity. Bali's spectacular beaches, volcanoes, lakes, temples, and terraced rice fields - combined with its deeply artistic roots and its legendary hospitality - have made it one of the most visited places on earth. The religion and culture of Bali are unique in the world, and the Balinese have preserved their traditions in spite of the Island’s growing tourist industry.  


Concept of “art” did not exist in minds of Balinese people! Doing “artistic” things was such a routine to them, an ordinary activity, not more and not less than planting a rice or feeding a young child. For them, “Art” is nothing special. It is considered as a way to thank the Gods by devoting time and energy to make the human world as beautiful as it can be. So natural isn’t it? Beauty is divine. The divine is in the beauty. In Bali, somebody’s unusual artistic skills may only prove his closeness to the Gods, who give him inspiration to express themselves through his hands (musician, carver…) or through his body (dancer…). The “ego” is not the origin of talent, as Westerners figure it. It is God. Therefore, no reason for a Balinese to be “proud” because of his artistic skills, whatever the level of art they belong to.



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